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Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum Southside Trail

Sun Sep 25 | 9am-12pm

The Southside Atlanta BetlLine Arboretum walking tour explores the the early stages of our horticultural collections and interesting facts about the surrounding neighborhoods. This is a unique opportunity to see how the Atlanta BeltLine and the Arboretum evolves over time. Once completed, this section will create a continuous arc from the very popular Eastside Trail to the beautiful Westside Trail.

Make it a Sunday Funday: Your tour ends near the Beacon where the Grant Park Farmers Market is held on Sundays. Come and enjoy fresh air, new city views, and fascinating Atlanta history.

Tour Docent: Jennifer Gerndt, East Atlanta Village resident and a transplant from Chicago. Jennifer loves walking and hiking and has a Ph.D. in German Linguistics!

  • Meeting Location: Corner of Glenwood Ave/Bill Kennedy Way in Glenwood Park
  • Nearest Address for GPS: 920 Glenwood Ave SE suite 102/103, Atlanta, GA 30316
  • Parking is available on public streets near the meeting point. Always verify that parking is allowed.
  • Registration required. Walk-ins are not accepted at this time.
  • This tour is free. Please consider adding a donation when you register.
  • Trail Terrain: The trail is about 2 miles one way. It's not a loop. This section of the trail is still unfinished and unpaved in most parts. The path is uneven and can be rocky. There are no restrooms on this route until the end of the tour at the Beacon.

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