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Carnivorous Plant Tour: Exploring the Savage Garden on the Westside Atlanta BeltLine Trail

Sat Aug 20 | 7pm-8:30pm | Best End Brewing Company

Discover this exciting Arboretum Space on the Westside BeltLine trail that houses the Longleaf Pine Savanna and Bog Garden as you tour with Sam Cartin, Senior BetlLine Arboretum Lead. Built 2 years ago, the space includes a boardwalk through close to 400 square feet of shrub beds with species like Buttonbush and Beautyberry that grow prolifically in longleaf pine forests.

The highlight of this area is the variety of carnivorous plants that call this recreated community home. From pitcher plants to sundews to even Venus fly traps, the variety of insect eating plants is a unique part of this Westside Beltline Arboretum space. Sam will share with you the uniqueness of this space and why Trees Atlanta decided to replicate this ecosystem into the Arboretum.

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