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Speaker Series: Create a Bog Container Garden

Thu Aug 25 | 7pm-9pm | Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center

Mark Reinke will show how you can create your own mini ecosystem with a live demonstration of a container style bog planting. He will also offer plants for sale from his own breeding line along with detailed instructions for completing your own installation. Mark brings his decades of experience to this Speaker Series. Learn about the various species and habitats of our native Sarracenia, or hardy Pitcher Plants, and the ecosystems they thrive in. Mark will share the challenges these areas face which have reduced their populations dramatically in the last few decades. In spite of the threats these colorful and fascinating plants face in the wild, they are not difficult to propagate and are easily grown in containers, or in small to elaborate in-ground installations in your own backyard.

About the Presenter: Mark Reinke, is a lifelong horticulturalist, a member of the International Carnivorous Plant Society, the North America Sarracenia Conservancy, and the American Orchid Society. He started growing the fascinating carnivorous plants of our Longleaf Pine Savannas as a teenager in containers, advanced to a modest in-ground bog garden when he lived in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood in the 1990’s and eventually created an expansive bog ecosystem where he lives now in the western tip of South Carolina about two hours northeast of the metro area. His current carnivorous plant habitat is one of the largest private gardens of its type in the entire country.

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Photo credit: Mark Reinke

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