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Virtual Concert with Farmers Jam

Thu Oct 29 | 7pm-8:30pm | Virtual

Welcome to the world of Farmers Jam!

Farmers Jam is a collective of Atlanta area farmers and friends who play music, plant trees, and make unforgettable jams using local fruit and creative collaborations. On October 29, they'll take you through Urban Sprout Farms in Lakewood, where you'll learn about fruit trees and jam, and enjoy some music from Farmers Jam. They'll be live on-screen to share their passion for local food and why they love the circle of jam.

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They will also share an inspired cocktail recipe so that you can grab a drink and enjoy! See the itinerary for the evening:

7:00 PM: Intro - Meet members of the band (Cam Christian, Robby Astrove, Chef Zu, and Nuri Icgoren) Jam - Chef Zu of Kings Apron will discuss some of the nutritional benefits of the local berries and ingredients in the jam Cocktail - The ladies from W&R join to discuss the jam in the cocktail

7:30 PM: Virtual tour of the farm (includes identification of resident specific tree species)

Play recorded musical jam sessions from the band

Q&A from the Zoom Audience

8:30 PM: Wrap