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Virtual Speaker Series: We Are Soil

Thu Jan 21 | 7pm-8:30pm | Virtual

This groundbreaking (pun-intended) virtual course will educate participants about remediating soil with trees and plants in industrial and residential areas. It will also discuss the best plants and trees to grow in Georgia's climate and its famous red clay soil. We will explore the process of carbon sequestration and using soil to improve our food, ecology, and communities!

Jamie Rosenthal is the Founder/Director for Roots Down. He previously owned and worked his farm, Wolfscratch Farm, in northern Georgia for 8 years. The time he, and many others, have spent struggling to make ends meet on small farms made Jamie search for a better way to produce food. Recently, Jamie combined his farming and landscaping experience to create Roots Down. The organization ensures that food is produced in urban settings, while also providing a living wage for those growing that food.

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