Root Ball Guest List

For Sponsors and Patrons


We do not issue physical tickets. At check in, each guest is welcomed by name, so a complete list is very important. We would appreciate your names on or before May 12 so we can prepare name tags for each guest. Names on tags will appear as provided on this form.

Please provide information for EACH GUEST in your group.

  • First name and last name for each guest (“attendee”) record must be entered, along with email.
  • Enter “Pending” for the name if you do not know the name of the attendee yet.
  • Enter “Donate Back” for the name if you’d rather donate back a ticket.

To complete the form, advance all the way to the final page and click “PROCESS”. Each attendee will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided.

If you need to change any entry after you submit this form, please email (Corporate Sponsors) or (Patrons).

Thank you!

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