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The Acorn Club is a membership-based subscription box program that offers your child the opportunity (and the tools) to explore our Urban Forest at home! As a member, your child is entitled to receive a total of 4 Tree Trunk boxes throughout the year—one for each season. Each Tree Trunk is designed to help your child unpack the many changes that visit our city’s trees with each passing season, as well as the deeply-rooted, interconnected relationships that trees have with our air, water, soil, and urban wildlife. More importantly, each Tree Trunk will help your child continue to build their appreciation for the natural world and the many benefits that trees provide. Acorn Club membership is offered to children ages 6-10.

Each Tree Trunk will include:

  • Fun and engaging Eco-Lessons to explore each season’s theme
  • Craft and coloring activities
  • Kinesthetic learning activities (science experiments, hands-on discoveries)
  • All the supplies needed for creative and kinesthetic activities
  • A Scavenger Hunt in one of our city’s many parks
  • Ideas for at-home environmental stewardship
  • Fun Forest Facts to spark curiosity for further learning
  • Instructional videos to support independent learning (shared digitally)
  • Trees Atlanta swag!


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Acorn Club membership is offered on an annual basis, though families have the option to order single Tree Trunks. Annual membership includes 4 Tree Trunks received at the beginning of each season, as well as 10% off of registration for Trees Atlanta’s Junior TreeKeeper Camp.

Families who purchase either an annual membership or a single Tree Trunk have the option of having their Tree Trunk shipped directly to them or picking it up at the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center (225 Chester Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316). A shipping fee of $7 per Tree Trunk will apply.

Each Tree Trunk includes materials for one child’s learning. However, additional materials for siblings or other children in the same household can be purchased at a discounted rate as Sibling Add-Ons. There are NO additional shipping fees for these add-ons.

Membership is available year-round, with your child qualifying to receive the current season Tree Trunk upon registration. See below for dates indicating each season’s time frame:


Season Tree Trunks Available Registration Deadline to Receive Current Season Tree Trunk
Winter December 6 February 20
Spring March 6 May 23
Summer June 6 August 23
Fall September 6 November 22


Registrations made before December 11 include guaranteed delivery before December 25. Members who register after December 16 will receive their Tree Trunk in early January.

Questions? Reach out to Trees Atlanta’s Education Coordinator, Andrew Nelson, at to learn more.

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