Tree Planting

We plant trees, and we grow communities.


Trees deliver more benefits to people when they are located near people. That’s why Trees Atlanta practices community forestry: we collaborate with members of the community to plant and care for trees in their neighborhoods.

Trees Atlanta is most well-known for planting trees — our volunteer planting program is called NeighborWoods. Since our founding in 1985, we have planted over 140,000 trees. Trees are planted along neighborhood streets and front yards, in schoolyards, and in city parks, as well as the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum. Every year, we are able to plant over 6,000 trees throughout metro Atlanta with the help of thousands of volunteers. We work alongside community members who live or work where the trees are planted. Did you also know that in addition to weekly volunteer projects, Trees Atlanta plants trees in front yards through our Yard Tree program and larger trees with our Urban Trees team?

Interested in having trees planted in your neighborhood? Here are two ways you can get more trees planted:


Front Yard Tree Program

Residents of participating cities can request up to 3 free trees to be planted in their front yard! Click here for program eligibility and details.

Yard Tree Program

Neighborhood Tree Planting

Want more trees in your neighborhood? Submit a request for tree planting project in your area.

Neighborhood Tree Planting


NeighborWoods is our volunteer planting program. Through this community-based effort, we plant new trees throughout metro Atlanta in public spaces so that the benefits of trees can be accessible to all.

We organize volunteers and stakeholders in the neighborhood where we plant. Community members help to engage neighbors and stakeholders in the process, and volunteers contribute their energy and passion for creating a healthier environment with more trees. Trees Atlanta provides the trees, tools, and planting expertise, and we take care of the trees for two years with regular watering, mulching, and pruning when needed. This early care increases the likelihood that trees can get established and will thrive to maturity.

Our newest NeighborWoods initiative is the Yard Tree Program, which allows homeowners to receive one (or more) free trees to be planted in their front yard (see program details for qualifications). Get involved by requesting a tree planting in your neighborhood, applying for a yard tree, or volunteering.


Urban Trees

The Urban Trees program focuses on planting large ball and burlap trees along major traffic corridors, public rights-of-way, parks, and public green spaces. We are able to plant trees in areas that are more difficult to plant and situations that require specialized tools or large machinery.  Trees are necessary and beneficial along busy roads and highways. Not only do trees make the areas more beautiful and cooler with shade, research also shows that street trees help decrease the speed of traffic, reduce the noise and air pollution from cars and trucks, and encourage pedestrians to walk along roadways.

Our Urban Trees program is only available for our city and municipal partners, as well as through sponsored partnerships and contracts.

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