Front Yard Tree Program

The Yard Tree Program is made possible through the support and partnership of the following Metro Atlanta municipalities. Property owners in these municipalities are eligible to have us plant trees in your yard at no cost to you.

Trees Atlanta provides advice on species selection and where to plant the tree, brings the tree to you, and plants it! Home owners help with watering in its first growning season to get it established and some easy basic care.

How to Apply for a Yard Tree

To have a canopy tree planted in your yard, please submit an application.

  1. Make sure you are a resident of the city or county participating in this program.
  2. Review the table below for your Yard Tree Available by City options.
    • Photo and description of each tree species can be seen by clicking on the scientific name (last column).
    • Tree species allowed are restricted per the list and quantities are limited.
  3. Click the “Submit Request” button below and fill out the form for your city.

NOTE: If you submitted a request last season but never made it to the planting phase, please contact our team at In your email, please include your name, address, and phone number, and we will reconnect with you to move your request forward.


Can’t see the full chart? View this table in a new window, click here.

When Should I Submit an Application?

Now is a good time! We review applications in the order received, along with location and inventory availability.


What Happens Next?

  • After submitting a request, one of our NeighborWoods project coordinators will contact you for a consultation.
  • Trees are planted only during the months of October through March (tree have greater survival rate when planted during these cooler months).
  • Your planting date may be scheduled months in advance. If your plans change, please notify us as soon as possible at
  • You will receive a notification near your scheduled planting date.
  • You agree to water, care for, and maintain the trees planted in your yard, as instructed per the terms of this program.


Program Restrictions

  • Must be a resident of a participating city listed above.
  • The number of trees per home is limited by program (view maximimum number allowed per city in chart above).
  • Trees must be planted in your front yard. Limited funding is available for side and back yard trees for residents of the City of Atlanta.
  • Front yard trees must be planted within 35 feet of right of way (or within 20 feet of right of way for City of Atlanta residents). Ask your Trees Atlanta contact for clarification.
  • Trees provided through this program cannot be planted to meet city permit recompense requirements for removed trees.
  • Participation of cities/counties is determined through annual agreements. Each year specific quantities and requirements may change and no guarantee of availability can be made.

How to Care for Your New Tree

Download this handy, easy-to-follow tipsheet for caring for your new tree.


Don’t See Your City on the List?

If you would like to see more trees planted in your city, contact your local Arborist Division or Parks Department and recommend that your city start a program to help residents acquire and plant more trees. Communicate with your Mayor, City Council, or County Commissioners so that they know canopy protection and improvement initiatives are worth community investment.