We can grow together.


We work hard to protect and improve Atlanta’s urban forest, because trees affect the health and well-being of people and the urban ecosystem we live in. As we grow, we can thrive. We can commit to smart growth that creates a healthy urban ecosystem for all of us. Trees are a proven solution to mitigate climate change, increase local resiliency, and improve quality of life.

Atlanta is a city with lush tree canopy in vibrant, diverse neighborhoods. With 47.1% (2014) urban tree canopy coverage, the City of Atlanta has the highest among large U.S. cities and proudly claims the nickname “City in the Forest.” There are proven economic, health, cultural, and environmental benefits of trees. Every neighborhood deserves equity and access to this abundant natural resource.

Since our founding in 1985, people from all walks of life have worked with us throughout Metro Atlanta, planting and caring for tens of thousands of trees, improving hundreds of acres of forest, and educating generations of youth and adult learners. Working together is Trees Atlanta’s most impactful achievement.

Our advocacy is to mobilize, collaborate, and lift up people who protect and improve our urban forest. Together, we can:

  • Ensure all communities enjoy the benefit of trees
  • Broaden the conversation with new audiences
  • Seek diverse thoughts and innovative solutions
  • Connect networks and resources
  • Share our expertise and experience
  • Celebrate progress and successes
  • Inspire more people to take action

In the United States, 80% of our population lives in urban areas. Metro Atlanta ranks in the top 10 most populated metropolitan areas in the country, and our economy is the 10th largest in the U.S. By the year 2040, the Metro Atlanta population is expected to reach 8 million, and the City of Atlanta’s will more than double to 1.2 million.

Sign the Canopy Pledge

Let your elected officials and community leaders know that you care about the trees in our city. The Canopy Pledge is endorsed by the Atlanta Canopy Alliance, a group of local nonprofits dedicated to enhancing and preserving Atlanta’s tree canopy through education, advocacy and other collective efforts. Current members include Atlanta Audubon Society, The Conservation Fund, Georgia Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, Park Pride, Trees Atlanta, The Trust for Public Land, and West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.

Sign the Pledge