Annual Tree Sale

The 25th Annual Tree Sale Returns in October 2024

Shop Online: Aug. 30 – Sept. 23, 2024

Shop In-Person at The Carter Center: Sat., Oct. 5, 2024

Details and lists for this year’s sale will be posted to this page soon. Meanwhile, mark your calendar with these dates!


There are two ways you can shop the Trees Atlanta Tree Sale.

Purchase Online

Order your trees from our online store, then pick them up at our headquarters. Larger selection of species and quantities. Purchase early to get the best selection of our most popular or hard to get trees!

  • Shop August 30 – September 23: Online store link will be live at noon and open through noon on the last online sale date.
  • Pick up: Online order pickup at Trees Atlanta Kendeda TreeHouse (825 Warner Street SW, Atlanta GA 30310)
    • Sept. 27 (Friday) from 9am – 3pm
    • Sept. 28 (Saturday) from 9am – 12pm

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Shop at the Carter Center

Tree experts will be on site to answer your questions. A beautiful array of choices will be available for in person shopping! Species and quantities are not guaranteed to be the same as the online store selection.

    • October 5 (Saturday): The Carter Center Parking Lot
    • 8 am – 1 pm

The Tree Sale will be staged at The Carter Center (453 John Lewis Freedom Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30307) in the parking lot east of the parking circle. We’ll be in the parking spaces beyond the Freedom Farmers Market. It’s a great morning of shopping local!

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Need advice or have questions?

  • For advice on selecting the right tree for the right location, check out this blog post and the additional resource links below!
  • Review our Tree Sale FAQs below for answers to common questions.
  • Consider the Staff Picks for some new ideas.
  • To ask a question about the sale or the plant/tree selections, please fill out our inquiry form here.
  • If you have situations that require special attention, please contact the Tree Sale Lead to discuss (
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Trees Atlanta works with many local and regional nurseries to reserve hard-to-find species, along with popular selections, for our sale. All proceeds benefit Trees Atlanta programs and operations.

Continuing supply chain changes may impact our ability to fulfill orders. We will update this page if significant changes to the Annual Tree Sale are made. Any government mandates supersede all instructions indicated on this website.

Thank you! We appreciate you supporting our Annual Tree Sale!


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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help selecting trees, can you help?

Yes! Staff and expert volunteers will be at the sale. They can help answer questions and provide recommendations, if you ask.

Each plant selection will have signage that indicates ideal planting conditions and beneficial features, along with a photo that may help you better visualize the mature species, special feature, or blooms, as relevant.

In addition, you may want to check out our list of Top 50 Atlanta Trees to get you started.

Will you only have trees on sale?

The Annual Tree Sale is mostly trees, but we will also have some a special selection of native azaleas found in Georgia! We may have a very small quantity of native perrenials or tree-friendly vines, as available.

We have hundreds of trees for sale, including overstory (shade) trees, midstory or understory trees, flowering and fruiting trees, trees for stunning fall color, screening trees, specimen trees, hard to find trees, and more! All the trees are selected as appropriate to our growing zone.

The species we offer for sale are almost all native to the Southeast. Some trees may be non-native but are made available due to their appropriateness and resilience to growing conditions in urban areas (no non-native in our sale is known to be invasive).

Can you deliver my purchases to me?

Yes! We can deliver your Tree Sale items after purchase – usually on the same day of the sale.

Delivery range is limited to within approximately 10 miles from the Trees Atlanta Kendeda TreeHouse or The Carter Center. Ask for delivery at check out, delivery information will be discussed, and the delivery fee will be added to your order.

What is your refund policy?

  • All sales are final.
  • Should changing government mandates prevent planned delivery of trees and/or safe public health considerations, we will notify customers of next steps, including order delays, cancellations, and/or refunds. If such extreme circumstances occur, we will refund without penalty.

Exceptions to Orders

  • Due to the fluid state of operations and government orders for businesses, there may be some circumstances when items cannot be received.
  • Trees Atlanta asks for your understanding should order adjustments be necessary.

Can I add a donation? Is my payment for sale items considered a "donation"?

Yes (and no).

Yes! Adding a donation to your order is greatly appreciated! A donation added to your final sales purchase is tax-deductible.

On the other hand, plants and items sold are retail transactions and sales tax may be applied. The amount paid for items and sales tax are NOT tax-deductible donations for Georgia (your local/state laws may differ).

At checkout, please tell the cashier to ADD A DONATION of the value of your choosing or to ROUND UP to the nearest value of your choosing. You may also choose to add a donation when registering via our Calendar to receive a reminder email.

It's raining on the day of the sale, is it still happening?

We love all weather! The sale happens rain or shine! Come on and shop!

In the remote, odd-ball chance that there is severe weather that presents a danger to being outdoors (e.g., lightening), we will determine whether to pause, change operating hours, or move locations, as appropriate and feasible. We will communicate any changes as soon as we are able; however, we apologize in advance if you arrive on site and the event is modified in any way for the safety of our guests, staff, or property.

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Check out some Tree Sale picks from our staff:

Eastern Hophornbeam

Scientific Name: Ostrya virginiana

Also known as “Ironwood” because of its extremely hard and dense wood. Female catkins are followed by drooping clusters of lantern or sac-like, seed-bearing pods which resemble hops. Better suited to upland sites than its cousin, the American hornbeam. Grows to 25-40′ with a width of 20-30′. Light requirements: full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant tree!

Scarlet Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus coccinea

This shade tree is a member of the red oak family, and has a wonderful fall color display. It is a hardy sun loving oak. Grows to 60-80′ with a width of 40-50′ at full maturity. Light requirements: full sun. Drought tolerant, and a great tree for birds and other wildlife!

Sweetbay Magnolia

Scientific Name: Magnolia virginiana

Native to the southeastern United States north along the Atlantic coast to New York. Features cup-shaped, sweetly fragrant (lemony), creamy white, waxy flowers which appear in mid-spring and sometimes continue sporadically throughout the summer.┬áTolerant of wet soils and tough urban conditions, once established it is a great medium-sized tree for otherwise narrow spaces. Grows up to 15-60′ tall and spreads 15-30′. Light requirements: full sun to shade. Found in boggy wet locations. A semi evergreen tree!


Scientific Name: Asimina triloba

This small tree features good fall color and – with at least two trees and under the right conditions – produces edible banana/mango-flavored fruit in the fall. Grows up to 15-30′ tall and spreads 15-30′. Light requirements: full sun to shade. Can handle moist conditions. Wildlife love their fruit too!

Additional Resources:


Photo credit above: Asimina triloba – Rob Routledge, Sault College,