One Million Trees Initiative

The One Million Trees Initiative is an exciting collaboration of metro Atlanta cities, regional nonprofit organizations, and Trees Atlanta. Combining our efforts, together we will plant and conserve one million trees across metro Atlanta by 2030.

The partnership recognizes that environmental issues are not limited to city boundaries and cross over into all areas of sustainability concerns. We are joined in a common fight to address local climate effects and environmental stresses from urban growth. We can improve our cities’ sustainability and better protect the health and well-being of people across metro Atlanta by planting and conserving more trees where we live – in urban areas.

The founding partners of the One Million Trees Initiative in metro Atlanta are:

City Partners Nonprofit Partners
College Park
East Point
Sandy Springs
Atlanta Botanical Garden
Georgia Audubon
Georgia Conservancy
The Conservation Fund
The Nature Conservancy
Park Pride
The Trust for Public Land
Trees Atlanta
West Atlanta Watershed Alliance


The initiative was launched on Georgia Arbor Day at Trees Atlanta’s 2020 Canopy Conference. The focus of the presentations and discussions centered on the theme “Fighting Climate Change with Urban Forests” and offered local solutions to mitigate a global condition.

The count to one million includes trees planted in public spaces, for public projects, and on private land (such as yards of homes, businesses, and other commercial land) in partner cities. Trees preserved in forested areas that are newly protected by conservation deed for permanent protection as of 2020 through 2030 will be counted.

Photo by Curbed Atlanta

How can you help us reach one million trees?

Plant trees:

  • Organize community projects
  • Encourage planting projects in city-owned properties like parks and greenways
  • Support public project plantings like those at affordable housing, municipal sites, and schools
  • Emphasize private projects like planting in yards, businesses, and parking lots

Save trees:

  • Identify and purchase forests for preservation
  • Support allocation of public funds for the purchase of forests
  • Place private land into conservation easements

Feel inspired:

  • Get involved by personally planting, protecting, and caring for trees
  • Volunteer in the community to plant and care for trees

“One million new trees in metro Atlanta would capture 1.4 billion gallons of water and 530,000 tons of CO2 every year— reducing stormwater runoff, improving water quality, reducing rates of asthma and heat-related illnesses, and improving air quality.” - Matt Westmoreland, Post 2 At-Large Councilmember,
Atlanta City Council

Meet the city partners of the
One Million Trees Initiative:

Meet the nonprofit partners of the
One Million Trees Initiative:

Interested in becoming a partner in the One Million Trees Initiative or have questions?

Please send questions and inquiries to Judy Yi, Director of Marketing & Outreach, by email at or at 404-609-3373.