Forest Steward

Certified Volunteer Training: Forest Stewardship

The Forest Stewardship Training Program is a series of four classes held on Saturdays in October. The goal of the Forest Stewardship program is to introduce practical concepts for identifying native species versus invasive species, basic science of its environmental impact, and methods for controlling invasive (or aggressive) species for the everyday community steward.

Certified Volunteers will complete the training program and continue work to become project leaders to assist Trees Atlanta staff at forest restoration projects. Volunteers who complete the class and meet the additional optional requirements are recognized as Certified Forest Stewards.

Curriculum Topics

  • Identifying Native and Invasive Plant Species: Anatomy, Phytogeography, Phenology
  • Invasive Plant Species: Why and How to Remove Invasive Plant Species
  • Replanting with Natives: Understanding Ecological Interactions While Developing a Reforestation Plan
  • Certified Volunteer Webinar / How to apply Forest Stewardship experience

When is the next Forest Stewardship Training Class?

Classes meet in person or online on Saturdays from 9 am to noon in October.¬†Participants will learn virtually through webinars prior to each in-person class at outdoor locations. Attendance at the first three classes are required to receive the webinar link for the fourth class for your “Certificate of Completion” and to continue onto volunteer duties to become a Certified Forest Stewardship Volunteer. Check our Calendar to register for the next class. Find the upcoming Forest Stewardship class registration in October events; if no event is found, registration is not yet open or is closed until the next year.

Is there is fee? Yes. However we offer a limited number of need-based scholarships each year. Need-based scholarships are available for community residents who are working in collaboration with their neighborhood associations or other conservation group. Requirements include organizing and/or leading one or more Invasive Removal projects in their community. Please contact if you wish to inquire about receiving a scholarship.

Where are the classes? Our classes are a blend of online and in-person sessions depending upon the topic or demonstration. All offsite locations are nearby our offices or otherwise specified ahead of time.

Optional: Project Leadership Service

After completing this Forest Stewardship, you will be eligible to earn “Certified Volunteer” designation after meeting volunteer service leadership requirements. Certified Volunteer (CV) represents significant volunteer achievement for specific areas of expertise or leadership. Details for Certified Volunteer status will be covered in the webinar, including how CVs may organize projects within their neighborhood in partnership with Trees Atlanta.


Have more questions? Please email if you need to request a fee waiver for further information.

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