Celebrate Dad With the Gift of a Tree

Father and son in park


Father’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have a plan or will it be another last-minute trip to the store or a package that arrives late? Perhaps the classy #1 Dad mug, the cheeky ‘kiss the chef’ grilling apron, or the practical (and timeless) plaid cargo shorts? Dads are hard to shop for, but we are here to help. Fear not; gift-giving is simple. Write a list of all that your dad means to you and the gift will practically buy itself.

Here’s an example:

  • Dads give us the gift of life.
  • They give us stability.
  • They protect us.
  • They give us perspective.
  • They clean our air and water.
  • They shade our streets and sidewalks.
  • They sequester Carbon.

Wait, that’s trees, not dads. Come to think of it, they aren’t so dissimilar and they’d make a great pairing. Tell your dad how much you care about him while giving all Atlantans the gift of a healthy urban forest. For $25, a tree will be planted, a customizable card will be sent, and for a limited time, you may choose to provide or allow our staff to provide a tree-themed dad joke in the card (experienced dads on staff).

Trees Atlanta staff member and son


Published June 15, 2020

Written by Alex Beasly