City of Dunwoody and Trees Atlanta Host a Volunteer Day Saturday at Pernoshal Park


Weston Salomons, representing the Sutton Middle School Chess Club, puts the finishing touches on an arrow-wood bush, with the help of Hannah Pincus, a Dunwoody resident, and his parents Ramona and Harvey, who drove 12 miles to help their son do a good deed.

Dunwoody’s Volunteer Day draws from across metro area

The city of Dunwoody, along with Trees Atlanta, hosted a volunteer day Saturday at Pernoshal Park. Volunteers of all ages came from all over metro Atlanta on a beautiful fall day to make the park even more beautiful than it already is.

With an emphasis on native plants, volunteers planted three kinds of trees in the sunnier areas – black gum, redbud and dogwood – and in shadier areas three kinds of shrubs – ninebark, red chokeberry and Southern arrow-wood.

Because of the condition of the soil, the work was arduous, especially considering that the workers were unpaid volunteers. Planting trees and shrubs requires digging very large holes, ordinarily not a supreme challenge. But due to the ongoing drought, the soil in all but the shadiest spots was so hard and dry it required a pickaxe for digging the proper size hole. Unfortunately, a shortage of axes required many of the volunteers to use simple garden shovels to chip away at the hard Georgia clay.