Connect a Network of Forests, Big and Small

Photos above: (1) City Forest Volunteer Elaina Sinclair explaining goals to Amy and Julian Lederberg; (2) Tamara Jones from Wylde Center, the first community site to earn City Forest Certification; (3) Jean Millkey offered her property as an early pilot test site which helped program coordinator Brennan Wall roll out the program to the general public, photo credit Chris Hrubesh; (4) Arielle Pool with her family at their home, among the latest properties to be certified.

Trees Atlanta City Forest Certification Program is Growing


Trees Atlanta’s newest program, City Forest Certification, aims to empower people by recognizing the properties that demonstrate their exceptional tree stewardship. There are 37 goals in the program that are grouped into four categories. These categories emphasize the Environment, People, Plants, or Animals as their stewardship focus. (Learn more about the program goals.)

Since accepting its first applicants in April 2023, the City Forest Certification program has certified 22 sites — including 20 residential and two community sites. An additional 13 sites have started their initial assessments and applicants are working towards meeting their certification goals.

We have many more applications awaiting review. We’re looking for more volunteers who want to learn the program and become City Forest Volunteers so that we can expand the number of properties that are on their way to becoming healthier and greater contributions to our urban forest.


Become a City Forest Volunteer


Trees Atlanta has trained six City Forest Volunteers who work with applicants to guide them through the process of reaching their certification goals. They work with Trees Atlanta’s Design Manager, Brennan Wall, who leads the City Forest Certification program.

As the number of applicants increase, we need your help! If you are interested in becoming a City Forest Volunteer, please email Brennan at