Georgia Arbor Day Art & Essay Contest 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Georgia Arbor Day Art & Essay Contest Winners!


Overall Winner

Nicholas G.
First Grade, Laurel Ridge Elementary School

Nicholas G.’s unique take on this year’s theme “Wildlife and Trees in the City” is awarded Overall Winner of the 2021 Georgia Arbor Day Art & Essay Contest! Great job, Nicholas!


Painting/Drawing Winner

Lindsay T.
Ninth Grade, Dekalb School of the Arts

Lindsay’s art was created with pen and ink with watercolor. Great job, Lindsay!


Essay/Poetry Winner

Lexi M.
Sixth Grade, The Paideia School

Wildlife and Trees in the City


A robin looked up, its black eyes shining from the light of the late afternoon sun. A pink worm struggled, writhing in its golden-yellow beak. The robin lifted its bark-gray wings, and soared into the sky.

The robin flew low over houses and buildings to a place that barely looked familiar. Once, the robin’s flock had lived in a shady grove, far away from foxes and cats. Year after year, they returned to raise their young in the same safe old woods. Generation after generation of robins first opened their eyes and saw the thick green foliage. That grove is gone now. Chopped down to make space for the ever growing city.

From above, the city is an ink stain, slowly spreading across the land. Cutting into the forests and moving into territories that do not belong to Europeans. Not that long ago the forest watched a wooden city grow from the earth. Now, the city is taking over. Stealing land from Nature and territories from animals.

This is not our land. It was stolen from Indigenous people and Nature. With every new city and building built, Nature is forced to retreat further and further. This is not only bad for wildlife, but also for humans. Without the natural world in our lives, many of us lose a sense of purpose and happiness. Many people get more stressed out and depressed when they are not surrounded by Nature.

That is why it is more important than ever to bring nature back.

Trees are an essential part of Nature. They provide food and shelter for countless species of plants and animals. Trees Atlanta has planted over 140,000 trees, helping to restore Nature and biodiversity in Atlanta.

Present day

A Robin lands in a large evergreen tree. She is the great descendant of a robin that had- so many years ago- watched Atlanta rise from the earth. Now the city is more like a forest. Birds fly everywhere overhead, and squirrels frisk about in the twilight. Nature is making a comeback and the voices of young robins can be heard across the city. The land is almost wild.

We loved time traveling with Lexi in her short story titled “Robin”. Great job, Lexi!


Video/Photography Winner

Sierra P. & Remy L.
Eighth Grade, David. T Howard Middle School

We were impressed by their visual representations of their original haikus. Great job, Sierra and Remy!


Honorable Mentions

  • Abby J. – Fourth grade – Morningside Elementary School
  • Addison A – Eighth grade – Sutton Middle School
  • Aneet C. – Third grade – Dunwoody Elementary School
  • Liv G. – Fourth grade – Montessori School at Emory
  • Elizabeth C. – Fourth grade – Montessori School at Emory
  • Elizabeth N. – Seventh grade – Sutton Middle School
  • Evelyn R. – Fourth grade – The Paidea School
  • Isabella C. – Tenth grade – Rockdale Magnet High School
  • Kaden M. – Sixth grade – Wesley International Charter School


Thank you to all the students who submitted wonderful visual and written art to this year’s contest!  Congratulations!

Attention Students!


Get creative and show us your knowledge and appreciation of trees!

Georgia Arbor Day is Friday, February 19, 2021, and we’re pretty excited to announce this year’s contest theme:

“Wildlife & Trees in the City”

  • Who can participate? All students in grades K-12 are invited to participate.
  • What’s the deadline? All entries must be received by mail or email no later than February 16, 2021.
  • Are there prizes? You know it! The top 3 winners and teachers will
    receive prizes and have their art on display.

For more details, please see official contest guide. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email Sabrina Melendez at

Parents and teachers, please download the materials below and share with your students:

Posted: 1/20/21