Electrifying Success: How Your Generosity Powered Trees Atlanta’s Fleet Forward

For Giving Tuesday 2023, we embarked on a daring mission: to raise $50,000. Trees Atlanta had never set a goal this high for this annual day of giving. Last November, challenged by our new Chief Operating Officer, Suzie Sloan, to identify a current and urgent need, we set our sights on purchasing one electric truck. By adding our first electric-powered work vehicle to our fleet, we could ignite the path toward a greener future. 

Thanks to our incredible supporters, who rallied behind us with such enthusiasm, we surpassed our goal! Our total funds raised was $87,412 – incredible! With these generous donations, we secured not one but two Ford Lightning work trucks.

This monumental achievement got a powerful boost with the support of three Super Charge Challenge Match donors whose generous $30,000 match gifts electrified the day. Thank you to Georgia Power, Southwire, and an anonymous individual donor. We broke all previous records for our GAgives on #GivingTuesday campaign.

Every Trees Atlanta work truck holds a unique name. Who better to name these electrifying additions to our fleet than the individuals who made it all possible? Our donors submitted their name suggestions and voted with our staff to select the winning names for our new electric duo. We received many very creative name suggestions.

After a vote among staff and donors, we proudly welcome “Wattson” and “Electra” to the fleet, their names resonating with the energy of their electric lineage. 

We recently celebrated our alternative fuel milestone with the donors who funded the truck purchase, and we learned that electric trucks can also be used for kitchen appliances. Picture this: our gleaming new eTrucks taking center stage (after work), effortlessly powering margarita blenders and patio lights! It was a great night to connect with our donors and highlight the power of the Trees Atlanta community. Suzie appreciated being able to thank the donors in person, and noted, “It was a fun way for our supporters to see the impact of their gifts firsthand.” 

Wattson and Electra will support work on the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum, an accredited botanical garden with 85 acres of linear greenspace. To date, 13 miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor have been planted in whole or part with arboretum collections. One day, at 22-miles long, this arboretum may become the longest linear arboretum in the world. You might find Wattson or Electra on the Eastside, Westside, or Southside Trails supporting our tree care, plant care, and invasive plant removal programs. These state-of-the-art electric trucks are not just sleek machines; they drive our mission to cultivate a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Thank you to all our donors for igniting our passion and propelling us toward success, one electric mile at a time.

Photos (L-R): Celebrating the donors who funded our first electric work trucks, newly named Wattson and Electra by vote of donors and staff; Suzie Sloan signing (lots!) of paperwork and taking possession of our new trucks; Staff are so excited, they waited for hours after work to watch us drive up with the trucks; The sparkling new trucks’ first assignment was to take equipment to the annual Staff and Board tree planting project, February 2024 at Legacy Park.


To learn more about the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum, join us on a guided tree tour with our Docents, attend an upcoming Speaker Series, or participate in other education and volunteer events.


Posted on: April 3, 2024