“If Trees Could Talk… or Sing” by Connie Veates


If Trees Could Talk… or Sing
By Connie Veates, Co-Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Trees Atlanta

I’ve often wondered about the stories that trees could tell us as they stand sentry for decades observing events and people from one single vantage point. I am especially curious about Atlanta’s Champion trees….those trees that are among the oldest and largest in our city. As I was recently perusing the list of Champion trees on our website, one caught my eye…the Devil’s walking stick at Woodlands Garden in Decatur.

Kate Baltzell, Executive Director of Woodlands Garden (and previous Trees Atlanta Adult Education Manager), recently took me on a tour of this beautiful urban preserve; 7.1 acres of natural Piedmont Forest. If you haven’t visited this lovely spot in Decatur, you should definitely make the trip.