“Let’s Speak for the Trees and Protect Our Canopy” by Christina Gibson

Photograph by Chris Joyner

Let’s Speak for the Trees and Protect Our Canopy
By Christina Gibson, Canopy Conservation Coordinator, Trees Atlanta

Let’s face it, Atlanta is losing a lot of trees to new development these days – and at an alarming rate. So Trees Atlanta has stepped up to advocate for tree conservation in the City in the Forest. We want you to know that we’re here to support you in the following ways:

  • Information and advice: contact Christina Gibson, Canopy Conservation Coordinator, with any questions you may have about how to mitigate tree loss in your neighborhood, how to appeal a tree removal permit, or what to do about illegal removals. Email or call (404) 681-4906.
  • Share and support: if you have tree-related news, petitions, meetings, or events coming up in your neighborhood, let us know! We may be able to help get the word out and attend community meetings in support of your tree-saving cause.
  • Education: invite us to your neighborhood meeting for a Canopy Conversation. We’ll take a look at canopy coverage in your neighborhood and discuss opportunities to conserve and maintain your area’s tree canopy. Also, look out for future FREE tactical training sessions at Trees Atlanta related to saving trees.
  • Advocacy: is there a clear-cut planned? Is there a developer or builder removing excessive amounts of trees in your neighborhood, and you and your neighbors are ready to intervene? If your case is in the City of Atlanta and presents an opportunity to save a lot of trees or positively influence a development, we may be able to offer full support to your neighborhood to prevent or mitigate major canopy loss.

Now is the time to act! While Trees Atlanta will continue to plant trees, it’s time to start standing up for our existing canopy, too.