“Our Ten Year Resolution” by The Staff of Trees Atlanta

Photograph by Tim Dagraca

Our Ten Year Resolution
By The Staff of Trees Atlanta

As 2016 comes to a close, Trees Atlanta’s staff is busy planning for the next several years. We yearn to do more and be more effective in all that we do: creating new and improved programming, planting more trees, educating more people, and restoring more woodlands. As we look to the future, we are taking the advice a speaker recently gave to individuals and organizations alike, focusing not only on yearly accomplishments, but what we have built over the last decade.

Over the past ten years Trees Atlanta has built a new home, the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center – our headquarters in Atlanta’s vibrant Reynoldstown neighborhood. We made it through the worst recession since the Great Depression intact, remaining financially strong while expanding our mission and scope. Our staff has grown and matured along with the organization and has a renewed focus on strategy, analysis, and research, without losing their passion and heart. We have successfully transitioned from our superb founding Executive Director, Marcia Bansley, to dual leadership by Co-Executive Directors.