“Trees Ahead” by Judy Yi


Trees Ahead!
By Judy Yi, Director of Education, Trees Atlanta

This painted sign is starting to appear on more streets in Atlanta. Signs like these are symbolic reminders of more complete traffic laws, but when I see a sharrow, I choose to interpret it as “Trees Ahead!” Seriously. Isn’t the icon really showing a tree canopy shading the biker’s way? Amirite?

A sharrow indicates that a cyclist is sharing the road with vehicles, but my whimsical interpretation could be legitimate, too. The intentions of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition andTrees Atlanta are favorably aligned in several ways, particularly in our efforts to create healthier environments, connected communities, and a safer and more livable city. Indeed, not only do trees give us cleaner air and beautiful canopies, they help to create safer streets through traffic speed mitigation effects. 

Bikes are a great way to experience our City in the Forest on a human scale. One can literally stop to smell the roses, pause to talk with a neighbor, or cool down under the shade of a tree.