Trees Atlanta to Plant 4,000 Trees with New City of Atlanta Contract


Trees Atlanta to Plant 4,000 Trees with New City of Atlanta Contract


 ATLANTA, GA (September 25, 2013) – On Monday, September 16, 2013, Atlanta City Council approved a contract that enables local tree planting non-profit Trees Atlanta to plant and maintain 4,000 trees over the next two years. The contract became official on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, and combines tree planting and forest restoration to improve Atlanta’s urban tree canopy. The mission of Trees Atlanta is to protect and improve Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving, and educating, and this contract significantly furthers that mission. The funding is an important part of the City of Atlanta’s 10,000 tree initiative, of which Trees Atlanta is a key partner.

As part of his sustainability efforts, Mayor Kasim Reed is committed to sustaining and increasing the City’s tree canopy. Working with the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Tree Conservation Commission, Mayor Reed began the effort in 2011. Since the City began working with Trees Atlanta as a planting partner in 2004, over 11,484 large trees and thousands of saplings have been funded and planted through the City’s Tree Trust Fund.

“We are beyond thrilled about our ongoing partnership with the city,” says Trees Atlanta Co-Executive Director Connie Veates. “Having such a strong partnership allows us to serve Atlanta’s neighborhoods, districts, and citizens in an ever-more impactful way.”

The trees will be planted through the NeighborWoods program, Trees Atlanta’s main tree planting program. NeighborWoods plants 15-gallon trees with the help of a volunteer corps of 4,500 people. Through this program, a wide range of tree species and sizes will be planted in Atlanta’s 12 council districts.

Trees Atlanta will coordinate with NPUs, neighborhoods, community groups, schools, and other stakeholders to complete the initiative.

In addition to tree planting, Trees Atlanta will address the problem of invasive plants in the city by hiring a herd of sheep to eat kudzu, English ivy, and other non-native and proliferating plants. Trees Atlanta brings the sheep to various greenspaces in Atlanta – such as Chastain Park and Morningside Nature Preserve – so the sheep can provide an environmentally-friendly method of invasive plant control.

These forest restoration efforts not only improve the aesthetic of the city, they also allow existing trees to do their jobs (create oxygen, sequester carbon dioxide, provide shade from the sun, absorb heat, etc.) without being smothered by invasive plants. These efforts also clear the way for Trees Atlanta to plant more trees in the city.

In addition to tree planting and forest restoration, this contract will empower Trees Atlanta to continue educating the public through programs such as TreeKeepers (a tree care training program for adults), a regular speaker series, pruning classes, and free walking tours offered throughout the city.

For more information about Trees Atlanta, or to volunteer or donate, visit or call 404-522-4097


About Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta is a nationally-recognized citizens group dedicated to protecting and improving Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving and educating.  Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has planted and distributed more than 96,000 trees.  Each year, 4,500 volunteers lend their time, talent and expertise to Trees Atlanta.


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