Volunteer Spotlight: Leonardo Camacho Aguilera

Meet Leo, one of our newest Certified Volunteers!  He completed docent training in January 2022, and leads walking tree tours in Cabbagetown.  When he’s not leading tours in the urban forest, he enjoys glassblowing, playing soccer, dancing salsa, reading, and kickboxing.

Read on to learn about what inspires Leo’s tours!

Q: What makes your tree tours unique?
 I made my tour in Spanish, which I believe gives the opportunity to different groups to be involved in areas of Atlanta that have shared some of their love with me. Also, I try to adjust the tour based on the group of people, either by sharing more aspects of the art in Cabbagetown or by focusing more on the beautiful types of trees that this neighborhood holds.

Q: Why is volunteering important to you?
A: Volunteering is important to me, as it aligns with my values, which gives me a sense of purpose and coherence. Also, I find a lot of joy in sharing joy with others that share the same passion as me, and how we can help our community in different ways.

Q: If you could plant a tree with any person, living or dead, who would it be?
A: My dad is the person that got me involved in adoring nature and its magnificence, while planting fruit trees and flowers in our backyard. This taught me the importance of patience and care to our environment. So, I would love to plant a fruit tree with my dad, an avocado tree if possible.

Q: Tell us about your favorite greenspace in Atlanta.
A: My favorite greenspace in Atlanta has to be Oakland Cemetery. The way the trees and shrubs change throughout the season contrasts beautifully, physically and spiritually, with the headstones on the different graves. It’s definitely one of the spaces in Atlanta that has accompanied me walking through some of the deepest emotions I have experienced in my life.

Q: What have you learned working with Trees Atlanta?
 I cannot begin to explain the different teachings that working for Trees Atlanta has gifted me with. I have learned a lot about the different trees that grow in different areas of the city, differences between trees of the same family, native and non-native plants, invasive and non-invasive. Also, I have been pushed to learn more about the communities in the different neighborhoods of the “City in the Forest” and how they have changed throughout time.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a docent with Trees Atlanta?
Get involved with as much love and care you can. Giving tours is all about the love you have for what you are trying to share.

Take a free tree tour with Trees Atlanta on the BeltLine or in a neighborhood arboretum! Are you interested in volunteering as a docent for Trees Atlanta? Sign up for the 2023 docent training course!


Written by Angel Abreu, Volunteer Services Intern

Posted on: Dec. 8, 2022 (Republished from Dec. 7, 2022 Volunteer Newsletter)

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