Where to Find Lovely Spring Flowers in Atlanta

By Melanie Preis

Have you taken a walk outside this spring, driven by the park or just opened your eyes to the color that’s literally bursting on almost every branch, tree, bush, plant and green space in Atlanta? We’ve had a ball scouting out some of our favorite, most colorful streets and neighborhoods full of gorgeous cherry blossom trees, dogwood trees and Bartlett pear trees, in addition to the thousands of lovely spring blossoms perfect for any bouquet.

Obviously Atlanta is a huge place, and there’s no way to spotlight every neighborhood with vibrant foliage. We stayed within the general perimeter and hit up some of our fave lush spots. And let me say, many times I’m not sure what plant species I’m looking at and my hands are definitely NOT burdened with any green thumbs. However, I like what’s pretty and that, in a nutshell, is the angle of this story.

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