How to Select an Arborist

Not all “tree companies” are trained tree care service providers. Whether you are seeking advice on tree health, looking for someone to prune a tree, or removing a tree, take the time to find a qualified tree professional who can protect your trees, property, and investment. 

Tree care includes regular care, preventative maintenance, or prescriptive care for distressed trees, as well as removal when necessary. Many tree care professionals receive cerifications of their proficency from industry organizations, such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). 

Some tree professionals are known as “consulting arborists” who provide diagnostics and recommendations for care. They can develop tree care plans, including strategic pruning, disease identification, and other remediation steps to ensure that trees thrive. They may refer you to tree service companies for specific services.

When selecting a tree care professional or company, check for the following:

  • Are they a licensed business?
  • Can they show proof of workers insurance and liability insurance?
  • Do they employ ISA-Certified Arborists?
  • Do they understand the local tree protection ordinance and follow industry safety protocols?
  • Will they put price estimates and agreements in writing?

A qualified tree care company will readily show you documentation and certification numbers, as well as take the time to address your concerns. Ask for and check references whenever possible.

These professional organizations can be useful when looking for a qualified and certified professional: