How to Select an Arborist

Not all “tree companies” are trained tree care service providers, so be prudent if someone comes knocking on your door after a storm. Taking the time to find a qualified tree professional who can protect your trees, property, and investment. 

When selecting a tree care company, check for the following:

  • Are they a licensed business?
  • Can they show proof of workers insurance and liability insurance?
  • Do they employ ISA Certified Arborists?
  • Do they understand the local tree protection ordinance and follow industry safety protocols?
  • Will they put price estimates and agreements in writing?

A qualified tree care company will readily show you documentation and certification numbers, as well as take the time to address your concerns. Ask for and check references whenever possible.

Visit the ISA website or the Georgia Arborist Association to find a certified Arborist near you.