Conserve the 4-0-FOREST

Conserve the 4-0-Forest is our call to Atlanta and a shoutout of our love of trees. Multiple projects are scheduled across the metro Atlanta area in a big weekend of forest restoration. Trees Atlanta and our volunteers work together in the 4-0-Forest to demonstrate the purpose and practical methods of removing invasive plant species that threaten the health of trees and our urban ecosystem.


Friday & Saturday, April 21 & 22nd

Conserve the 4-0-Forest 2023


Celebrate Earth Day and steward our forested spaces. Projects are scheduled in twelve sites on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22. Sites are  located in different  subwatersheds of Atlanta. Removing invasive plant species protects our forests, and healthy forests protect our watersheds.

Registering to be a part of Conserve the 4-0-Forest is an exciting start to put learning into practice. Want to get a head start? Explore these virtual resources and upcoming classes. 


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Get a Head Start

You can remove undesirable plants from your backyard, neighborhood, or local park – come learn how.  Whether you prefer to learn on your one with these online resources or you’d rather learn in person with hands-on instruction and practice, we have have a way you can get started!


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