2021 List of Atlanta’s Champion Trees

What a year the past 12 months have been! All the while Nature has been our friend: providing places of refuge, sharing their healing powers, and working quietly and reliably to improve our quality of life. So many of us have found deeper and renewed appreciation for nature, and in particular for the tremendous role trees serve in our world. The benefits of trees are so abundant, but we may feel most connected to them because of their magnificent presence in our communities.

Each year, to help us celebrate Georgia Arbor Day, Trees Atlanta publishes an update to our “Atlanta’s Champion Trees” list.

2021 Atlanta’s Champion Tree List includes :

  • 22 new Champions
  • Notable additions to the 2021 list, include a pecan and tuliptree in Herbert Taylor Park, and a blackgum at Hawk Hollow, a public greenspace owned by the Wylde Center
  • 361 total Champion trees with up to top three per species
  • 11 are also State Champion Trees
  • 8 Champion trees have died since last year

Though seemingly ever present, trees come to their end, including Champions. Sadly, in 2020 among the Champion Trees we lost from our list includes what was once the tallest dogwood in United States that stood at Woodlands Gardens (Decatur) and the champion franklinia that stood at the Atlanta History Center.

little girl peering through a scope

Photo credit: Eli Dickerson

Photo credit: Eli Dickerson


If you would like to nominate a tree to be considered for next year’s list, visit our Resources section to learn more about the Trees Atlanta Champion Tree program. Trees Atlanta‚Äôs Champion Tree program is a wholly volunteer run project. We’d like to express our appreciation to volunteer, Eli Dickerson, for leading this program, and his adorable assistant (pictured above).

If you are interested in learning more about how to volunteer on this project, please contact