Atlanta’s Champion Trees

Seeking out Atlanta’s Champion Trees


Each year, Trees Atlanta teams with its Atlanta Arbor Day partners to search for the finest trees. The Atlanta Arbor Day team reviews qualifying nominees, and a certified arborist conducts measurements on all finalists. These trees represent some of the oldest, heartiest, and most beautiful trees our city has to offer.

Have you ever seen the beautiful red maple on McClendon Avenue across from Lake Claire Park? What about the glorious White Oak at the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center on Northside Drive? Or perhaps you have visited the beautiful Sourwood in Cascade Heights. These are just a few examples of Atlanta’s Champion Trees, the largest of each tree species located inside I-285.

A Champion Tree is determined based on measurements of its trunk circumference, its height, and the average spread of the crown. Atlanta’s Champion Trees are of course just a small sampling of the hundreds of beautiful tree species found across the country. For more than 70 years, a national database has maintained records for over 750 Champion Trees across the country. The objective is to locate, document, and then protect the finest specimens so they can be appreciated and enjoyed, and also serve as reminders about the importance of such trees for a healthy environment.

Champion Trees in Atlanta

We offer a special thanks to Eli Dickerson for his leadership on the Atlanta Champion Trees project. He stands tall like a tulip poplar in our book!

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