2024 List of Atlanta’s Champion Trees

Champion Trees are some of the oldest, tallest, broadest, and most beautiful trees our city has to offer. These grand friends have witnessed the ever changing landscape of Atlanta and are part of our city’s iconic urban tree canopy. Each year, the list is updated as part of our Georgia Arbor Day celebration.

Think you might know where a new Champion Tree might be found? Nominate a tree to be reviewed for next year’s list! The benefits of trees are so abundant, but we may feel most connected to them because of their magnificent presence in our communities.

Download a PDF of the 2024 list of Champion Trees or explore our interactive GIS map of trees by location. The 2024 additions to the Champion Trees list is shown in green on the PDF and as a large star on the interactive map.

Photos (L-R): A few new additions to the 2024 Atlanta’s Champion Tree list – Red maple (Acer rubrum); Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora); Sugarberry (Celtis laevigata); Devil’s Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa).


2024 Atlanta’s Champion Tree List includes:

  • 12 new Champion Trees
  • 10 Georgia State Champions
  • 1 potential US National Champion in Woodlands Garden
  • 402 individual Champion Trees are listed
  • 124 total species represented

The potential National Champion is a Devil’s Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa), photo above. It’s status is pending verification, but the tree in Woodland Garden beats the current species champion located Baltimore, MD! Let’s see what happens! In 2020, Woodlands Garden lost what was once on of the tallest dogwoods in the country, so we’d be very glad to see another National Champion call this forested green space home!

As the photos above show, new Champion Trees are continually “discovered” right before our eyes! Help us identify and celebrate these amazing specimens by submitting your nominations for next year’s list now!

Photos (L-R): @woodskeeper documents a field measurement by Eli Dickerson; Volunteers in training to properly measure the circumference of a potential Champion Tree; Eli and James leading a lesson with a group of volunteers Dec. 2023.

Trees Atlanta’s Champion Tree program is a wholly volunteer run project. Volunteer program leader, Eli Dickerson, is an amazingly dedicated steward. This program thrives due to his passion and openness to share his expertise.

In December 2023, while reviewing the list of nominated trees (and revisiting) some existing Champions, Eli along with James Moy (Trees Atlanta Data Manager) lead a training program for volunteers who assist field verification and measurements for the Trees Atlanta Champion Tree program.

If you are interested in learning how to assist with the Champion Tree program, please email


Posted on: February 29, 2024