Travys Harper Has Been Named an Urban Forestry STAR

With growing issues like increasing population densities, rising temperatures in cities (urban heat island effect), and wildlife displacement, it’s more important than ever that individuals and organizations work to preserve our beloved forests. The Georgia Tree Council is one such organization that works to “sustain Georgia’s green legacy by partnering with individuals, organizations, and communities in raising awareness toward improving and maintaining Georgia’s community forests.”

This year the Georgia Tree Council released their first annual STARs list, a compilation of individuals under the age of 40 who are recognized as up-and-coming leaders that have demonstrated “Service, Teamwork, Attitude, and Results” in their work with trees in urban environments. We are proud and excited to announce that Travys Harper, a well-known member of the Trees Atlanta team, has been selected to be on Georgia Tree Council’s first annual STARS list! Over the last three years, Travys has been a mentor and leader in our Youth Tree Team program which gives high school students exposure to forestry, landscape design, horticulture, and arboriculture.


Travys Harper

Travys Harper


“In that role, I was able to cultivate a generation of arborists and community foresters…This year was able to show me personally that if you’re able to create something that can keep a student engaged outside, then you will be able to create an arborist who is even more interested. One thing that people say is that kids don’t like being outside. I don’t agree with that. I agree that you have to have something that can catch their interest and make them indulge more and get their brains working. They’re very smart and they’re very talented. They have a lot to speak up for.”


Travys Harper and 2019 Youth Tree Team students

Travys and a few of the 2019 Youth Tree Team students


Nominees for the award mentioned that Travys’ work as Youth Tree Team Supervisor “has brought dynamic energy to the program as he gets kids interested in nature and forests and makes positive marks on young lives. Travys is enthusiastic about trees, planning, design, and environmental consciousness.”

In addition to the STARs achievement, Travys was recently named Trees Atlanta’s Green Infrastructure Manager, a new role that will lead our expanding line of work in improving the quality of life of metro Atlanta communities. Next time you see Travys, be sure to congratulate him on his stellar achievements!


2020 Youth Tree Team

Travys and the 2020 Youth Tree Team


Written by Audrey Pruitt

Published December 7, 2020