School Programs

Trees Atlanta’s flagship education program is called Urban TreeTrackers and our primary goal is to educate schools that are part of the APS system, throughout Metro Atlanta, or located within two miles of the Atlanta BeltLine.

We visit each school in the program four times throughout the school year. Programs include lessons on Atlanta’s urban forest, urban ecology, environmental stewardship, and the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum.

The curriculum is presented in an inquiry learning style, and reinforces STEM learning. To learn more about the program, contact our Youth Education team. To sign your school up for our Urban TreeTrackers program, please submit a request using the button below.

Urban TreeTracker Curriculum


Sensing Nature: K-2nd 
The Sensing Nature series is designed for the young, imaginative mind. Throughout the year, budding naturalists will explore their natural surroundings using the 5 senses. Lessons encourage a deeper connection to nature and respect for our urban forest.

Roots to Canopy: 3rd-5th
These students will take part in a series that will guide them to have a closer look at trees. Focusing on the micro and macro details, students will have a better grasp of the tree as a whole. They will gain a better appreciation of the forest ecology through examination, interactive games, and art.

After School Program: K-5th
After school lessons include sensory exploration, active-outdoor games, and nature craft making. We lead students to use all five senses to explore the urban forest, embark on a scavenger hunt using a compass, reuse scrap paper to make new paper, and more. We hope to instill an appreciation (and perhaps enduring love) for nature by stimulating curiosity through activities and fun, engaging outdoor play.

Urban Forest Citizen Science: 6-8

Our urban forest citizen scientists will hone their skills to become true tree champions. These student scientists will learn things such as identifying differences in leaf structures, and measuring trees using sticks and other measuring tools. These environmentalists will be on their way to becoming stewards of the urban forest, equipped to think of real-life solutions to protect our urban canopy.

High School Programs: 9-12 (Available upon request)

Programs are “a-la-carte” and include topics such as:
• Dichotomous Key
• Urban Heat Island
• Canopy Cooling Effect
• Champion Tree Measuring
• Youth Tree Team

Check out some of the videos and teaching resources we use during our lessons.

Trees Atlanta is an approved environmental education provider for the Atlanta Public Schools (APS).