How to Plant a Tree

Planting a tree properly is one of the best things you can do to help it grow strong and healthy into maturity.


Watch this video to learn how to plant a tree with Jacob, a member of our NeighborWoods tree planting team:

If you’d like to skip to different parts of the video, select from these timestamps:

Preparing the hole 2:14

Preparing the root ball – 4:07

Backfilling the hole – 7:33

Building a berm – 9:26

Adding mulch – 11:55

Watering – 14:04


Practice your tree planting skills by volunteering with us!

Now that you know the proper steps, come out and put that knowledge into practice. We organize our year in two volunteer seasons:

  • Tree Planting volunteer projects are scheduled from October to March
  • Tree Care volunteer projects are scheduled from April to September

There’s a volunteer project happening (almost) every weekend! Upcoming events are on our calendar, or sign up to receive monthly Volunteer email newsletters.

Let’s get planting!