Tree Care

It takes a village (or at least a really great crew) to care for all of our trees!


Once a tree is planted and the roots have taken hold, there is still plenty of work to be done. The Trees Atlanta Urban Forestry Crew tackles the thankless tasks of watering, mulching, pruning, weeding, and generally caring for the newly planted trees that are part of the Trees Atlanta programs. Their year-round dedication is essential to the fulfillment of the Trees Atlanta mission.


Tree Care Request

Do you see a Trees Atlanta tree that is in need of care? Submit a tree care request and we will come by and take a look!

Submit a Tree Care Request

Atlanta is a study in climate extremes, featuring four distinct seasons: brutally hot summers, bone chilling winters, and everything in between. Newly planted trees require regular maintenance and proper care to ensure they are able to thrive in these varied conditions. Enter, the Trees Atlanta Urban Forestry Crew, which handles the tough task of maintaining these plantings.

The Urban Forestry Crew consisting of six crews and between fifteen and forty people. These hard-working individuals maintain two years’ worth of plantings each year, and are responsible for planting, watering, mulching, weeding, pruning, treatments, and sometimes even staking trees. Undoubtedly, you have seen these folks around town, decked out in their bright green shirts and possessing a tree-loving demeanor that is contagious!

The Urban Forestry Crew provides:

  • Groundwork – watering, weeding, mulching and invasives removal
  • Installation – selecting planting sites and appropriate species
  • Pruning – structural shaping of limbs
  • Pest Management – pathogen diagnosis, prescription and treatment
  • Coordination with City of Atlanta Services – arranging extra-contractual care
  • Community Relations – interacting with community groups and contractors
  • Equipment and Facilities – maintaining fleet vehicles and field equipment
  • Employee Education – keeping employees up-to-date with Tree Health Care best practices
  • Volunteer Management – recruit and manage volunteers
  • Reporting – building tree database and maintaining inventory
  • Schedule of Care – tracking inventory, monitoring and treating needs
  • Tree Health Care – service and care for trees installed by Trees Atlanta