We are excited to offer a variety of youth camps for grades 1 – 6 to learn about their natural world and explore the outdoors. Fall, winter, and spring camps are aligned with Atlanta Public School teacher workdays and shorter school holidays. The summer camp aligns with the Atlanta Public School break.

During camp, each day is a new adventure! Campers will spend time doing hands-on activities in environmental science, exploring the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum, playing games, creating art, and biking each day on the Atlanta BetlLine. Not to mention making new friends and learning about the importance of our urban forest.

Summer Camp 2022

Limited spots still available for Rising 4-6th graders. Spots for Rising 1-3rd graders are for Waitlist only.

2022 Summer Camp Session dates are:

  • Session 1: May 31 – June 3 (please note this is a 4-day camp)
  • Session 2: June 6 – 10
  • Session 3: June 13 – 17
  • Session 4: June 20 – 24
  • Session 5: June 27 – July 1
  • Session 6: July 11 – 15
  • Session 7: July 18 – 22
  • Session 8: July 25 – 29

A limited number of scholarships for Summer Camp are available.
More information and application link is found below under “Scholarships“.



Save the Date for School Break Camps 2022

  • Fall 2022: October 10 – 14, 2022


Program Details

Camp Themes


Week 1: Breathe with Trees

We love photosynthesis! Campers will discover how leaves pull in carbon dioxide and water and use the sun’s energy to make food! When trees release oxygen back into the environment, we take a breath. Join us this week as we explore why we need trees in our everyday lives and why they need us.

Week 2: Under the Soil

Time to get dirty! Soils are a complex mixture of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and countless organisms that are the decaying remains of once-living things. Campers will dig in and discover what is happening under our feet – from providing a fertile place for plants to grow to storing water over time.

Week 3: Trees through Time

The earliest trees were tree ferns, horsetails and lycophytes, which grew in forests in the Carboniferous period. Campers will get the basics of tree history including how we can tell the age of the trees in our urban forest. Discover what we can learn from the past so we can plan (and plant) for the future.

Week 4: Pollinator Power

This week, campers will follow and observe the path of pollinators. Campers will observe these important creatures out in the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum and will discover how important they are to our urban forest as well as to the food that we eat.

Week 5: Fruits of our Labor

Summer brings us one of the best treats from trees – fruit! Fruits offer protection for tree seeds plus a delicious way to encourage seed dispersal. Campers will play games to discover the many different fruits you can find in the neighborhoods of Atlanta. And explore animals that also might find them to be a tasty treat.

Week 6: Animals in the Forest

Animals, like plants, have to meet their basic needs in order to survive. In cities, animals have to work on meeting these needs a little differently. When we have healthy urban forests – we are helping our wildlife neighbors to survive. Grab your binoculars and magnifying glasses to learn how these forests provide habitat for a vast array of plants and animals.

Week 7: Life of a Tree

Let’s observe a tree from day one as a little seed. Then see where it is decades later when it reaches high into the sky and adds to our tree canopy. Campers will learn about the life of a tree from its first 5 years before the tree is independent, all the way through battles of weather, animals, and diseases.

Week 8: Urban Heat Island

An urban heat island, or UHI, is a metropolitan area that’s a lot warmer than the rural areas surrounding it because of all of the people, cars, buses, and trains in cities. Urban forests help reduce the intensity of the UHI. We will dive into what causes the UHI in Atlanta, perform science experiments to collect our own data, and come up with ways to keep our city cool. Hint: Plant more trees!

Camp Resources - Handbook & Forms


Here is a quick list of links to access camp forms and other useful information. 

Any required forms for camp registration are included in the online registration process (with electronic signatures). 

Required Documents and Forms:

Camp Handbook (version 05.01.22)

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Photo Release

DECAL Exemption Acknowledgement

Optional Permission Forms:

Alternate Pick Up Authorization Form

Independent Release Form

Useful Information:

Schedule of Fees

Frequently Asked Questions


Trees Atlanta offers a limited number of need-based scholarships: APS/Atlanta Public
School Nominated Scholarship and a Parent/Guardian Nominated Scholarship. Use the
links below to view instructions for qualifications, restrictions, and other eligibility

  • As of November 15, 2021, we are collecting and reviewing applications for Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp 2022. Applications will be open until all available scholarships are awarded. Applications will be reviewed and awarded as they are received.
  • Each scholarship recipient will be awarded with one session of camp.
  • A $25 registration fee is required for each student who is awarded a scholarship in
    order to confirm and reserve a spot for camp.
  • The regular cost for a session of camp is $295, and scholarships may be full or partial. The following reduced rate may apply:
    – Full Scholarship – 100% discount – $25 registration fee due
    – Half Scholarship – 50% discount – $147.50 due
    – Partial Scholarship – 25% discount – $73.75 due


APS/Atlanta Public School Nominated Scholarship

Schools must be invited to participate. Please contact if you are uncertain if your school is eligible or has received an invitation. (APS Schools enrolled in Urban TreeTracker have priority consideration.)

  • Click here to apply.


Parent/Guardian Nominated Scholarship

Any parent or guardian may apply for this scholarship for their child.

  • Click here to apply.


Our scholarships are awarded with the purpose of:

  • Encouraging and enabling greater interest in environmental education, outdoor play, and stewardship of our urban forest.
  • Making outdoor summer camp experiences accessible to more students from diverse communities in Atlanta.


We are grateful for the support from Southwire, Georgia Forestry Foundation, and the generous gifts of donors to Trees Atlanta for making camp scholarships possible.

Camp Staff - Job Opportunities (Paid & Unpaid)


Interested in sharing your love of nature with budding environmental stewards? Join our Camp Staff! We have opportunities available for varying levels of experience, from current high schoolers to experienced professionals. See below for more details.


Camp Counselor

Our Camp Counselors are the backbone of our camp programming. Working with the Camp Lead, the Counselors will guide groups of biking campers up and down the Atlanta BeltLine, teach lessons based in urban ecology, and lead all kinds of crafts and activities to help campers make lasting positive memories and cultivate a sense of appreciation for nature.

Interested applicants can learn more and find instructions for application here.


Camp Intern

Camp Internships are a great opportunity for high school graduates, college students, and budding professionals to develop their environmental education skills! Camp Interns also learn from mentors well-versed in the field and have the chance to add to their professional conservation networks. Duties include supporting Counselors in facilitating daily camp functions, managing a team of Junior Interns, and also having opportunities to try their hand at leading lessons and activities. 

Interested applicants can learn more and find instructions for application here. (2021 – applications closed)


Junior Intern

The Summer 2022 Jr. Intern program is now on a waitlist.  To be contacted should openings come up, please complete the Junior Intern Application Form below.  You will be contacted when space becomes available.

The Junior Internship Program is designed specifically for Middle and High School students as an opportunity to develop important leadership skills. Our Junior Interns work directly with campers and assist camp counselors and interns with various daily activities.

If you have been a part of our camp in the past and are now in a higher grade, you may be a perfect candidate to become a Jr. Intern. This volunteer opportunity will teach you basic life skills to go through a hiring process, job skills, and being active in your community.

Fill out this Junior Intern Application Form and submit a letter of recommendation to


Check out other job posts on our Career Opportunities page.

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