Georgia Arbor Day 2022 Celebration Week Events

Trees Atlanta Celebrates with a Week of Events:
February 14 – 20, 2022


Trees Atlanta celebrates Georgia Arbor Day with a week-long series of events, including daily events such as free tree Seedling Adoption, classes, and tree planting projects in the founding spirit of Arbor Day!

We are super excited to share with you a week of events and will post the schedule online. Visit for updates.

Student Arbor Day Art Contest

The 2022 theme is: “Happy Trees, Happy Me!”

Each year, Trees Atlanta hosts an art contest focused on trees for Georgia Arbor Day. Art should reflect the student’s personal interpretation of this year’s theme.

Requirements for submission:

  • Submit for consideration in one of these three categories of media:
    Painting and Drawing
    – Writing
    – Video and Photography
  • Artist must be a student K-12
  • Original piece created by one student (credit must name one student)
  • Entry must be accompanied with artist information, including: full name, grade (or age), school name and address
  • Deadline for entry: must be received by Friday, February 4, 2022
  • Winners will be notified by February 17, 2022

Send your entry to: 

  • By email, send to
  • By mail, use the address below:

Trees Atlanta
Attn: Georgia Arbor Day Contest
225 Chester Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30316


Winning submissions will be posted to Trees Atlanta’s website. The overall winner and the category winners will receive prizes valued between $100-$150. Teachers who submit winning student art will also receive a prize for their classrooms! 


Take a look at the winners from 2021 Georgia Arbor Day Art Contest.


Why is Arbor Day in February? Isn’t it in April?


National Arbor Day is celebrated in April.  What you may not know is that each state celebrates Arbor Day from January to May depending on the regional season for planting trees.

The State of Georgia celebrates its Arbor Day on the third Friday in February. In 2022, Georgia Arbor Day is Friday, February 18.

It is a day to reflect on the importance of trees in our state and across our nation. Scientific research is increasing adding to the evidence that trees are essential to global environmental health. So go plant a tree, play outside, enjoy the beauty of trees, create art inspired by trees, or honor trees in any way that pleases you!


History of Arbor Day

Arbor is the Latin word for “tree”, and Arbor Day is a celebration of trees! “The History of Arbor Day“, as written by the Arbor Day Foundation says:

Arbor Day was officially proclaimed in 1874 by Nebraska’s Governor, Robert W. Furnas, and the day was observed April 10 that year. In 1885, Arbor Day was named a legal state holiday in Nebraska, and April 22 was selected as the date for its permanent annual observance.

Historical photo of Arbor Day
Source: Arbor Day Foundation